Plunge into music!

Computer games, created by individual developers or independent creative teams, have become a real breakthrough in recent years. The so-called indie games are released on creative enthusiasm, which allows you to enjoy new ideas. Today at the peak of popularity is the exciting PC rhythm game Friday Night Funkin, which appeared relatively recently, but immediately attracted the attention of games.

The plot is simple and unobtrusive. Players shouldn’t wait for a colossal semantic load and intricacies of storylines. Everything about FNF is designed to get the most out of your gaming experience. There are no text blocks or cinematics. The main character fights for the right to be with his beloved, despite the trials that the girl’s angry father arranges for him. Since the future father-in-law in the past was a representative of the rock and roll generation, the guy is going to win his favor with the help of music. Throughout the passage of this rhythm game, you will have to fight a huge number of “musical” opponents.

From the first seconds of the game, you should choose the difficulty level of the passage, and you can proceed to conquering musical heights. Since Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm game, the whole point of the gameplay is to repeat the arrow keys to keep pace with the rhythm of the song.

Sometimes the main character has to sing along to his opponents or press the keys in sync with him. The screen displays signs in the form of arrows “right”, “left”, “up”, “down” – they should be duplicated on the computer keyboard in a timely manner. Difficulty levels differ only in the number of arrows that pop up on the screen.

The beat never stops!

In total, players have five weeks of game time available for the passage. You can find a huge number of games with similar gameplay, but it was Friday Night Funkin that was able to stand out from the crowd thanks to the original graphics and an interesting selection of musical compositions.

In addition to a large number of diverse and interesting characters, the graphics are also pleasantly surprising. All drawings are made in a cartoon style with increased proportions, which looks very original. There is a level with pixelated rendering of locations and characters, provided, obviously, for visual variety.

The musical accompaniment in FNF should delight music lovers. All tracks are matched to the theme and delight with their sound quality. The main thing is to press the appropriate keys in time, then the characters will sing wonderful songs. Enjoy the gameplay!

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