Playing and learning – what a great combination!

Even though 4 years old kids are still too young to play something complicated, like strategies and RPGs, they are already mature enough to enjoy learning games. Good news – we have a nice collection of free and really adorable ones for the smallest children. The educational element makes the process of playing really exciting. Not only your child spends time over a screen, doing something meaningless, but he/she learns the basics of numerous things. Most of the games for the smallest ones are not competitive – they include simple puzzles and tasks like catching fish, memorizing pictures, choosing the right symbols, and playing musical instruments. There are also titles for the most creative ones – coloring and painting books, where a child of every age can boost his/her imagination and color some pages with interesting characters, objects, and situations. We bet that the parents will also enjoy most of these entertainments – they are well-done, smart, and really bright. So whenever you feel like joining your little adventurer and discoverer in the game, have no hesitations and play as a team!

Free and unlimited access to games

We are pretty sure that all children as well as their parents will definitely find a pack of amazing games to their liking here. Due to diversity of formats and genres, it is hard to leave the rubrics before you actually play them all. Some encourage you to tap and click objects in order to resolve some task. The others have controllable characters which run, jump, gather things, and pass challenges. Still others are about learning letters, reading, memorizing, counting, and more. Each youngster will definitely find something special here. The best thing – this diversity is all yours without a necessity to pay or download anything. You are welcome to play the games, check different childish genres, and enjoy the vibrant worlds devoted to education and learning. Feel free to launch the game you like the most and you will immediately appear in a fantastic universe! Don’t forget to bookmark this page and back for more soon – we update the list regularly to ensure that your kids and you will never get bored!

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