Hours of fun and education – all in one

The pack of games for 5 years olds proves: education is not boring, especially, when you know how to approach it. As we all know, it is hard to imagine a better to memorize and understand something than a game. The game makes not only kids, but also adults very attentive to things happening on the screen – they are usually super interesting and bright. As such, while they are extremely dragged by the game, they continue learning something included in the playing process. Let’s say, your child needs to memorize the alphabet, but he also likes puppies. The game where puppies play with letter and encourage your child to join might be the most efficient way to learn! See? It works easily!

Five years is the game when kids can gradually move to a bit complex entertainments – not only fulfilling and messy. This age is actually perfect to learn new skills, since the cognitive experts claim it to be the most productive. Most skills, understandings, and ideas we get at an age of five will stay with us for the entire life! So, the time has come to help your kid enter the phase of development easily and the incredible free online games are perfect to do that smartly and enjoyably.

Everything your kid might be looking for

Our collection of entertainments includes those for reading, logic, writing, math, drawing, and more. All of these skills and abilities can be boosted really easily when the learning process is connected with fun and interest. What is more, there are games that show the importance of team work, improve coordination of movements, and develop other skills for healthy and happy growing up. Another special thing about games for the small kids – they all exclude frustration. Nobody loses here, everyone is just having fun endlessly! Sounds appealing enough to try! What is more, the games are easy and simple to control and understand – we know that youngsters would prefer to avoid stress connected with difficulties on the screen. As such, the content you will find here is simple. Little girls and boys will definitely enjoy them all and learn something useful from each stage they pass. Most of them are short and can be walked through from the first attempt entirely.

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